Spring Newsletter

Happy Springtime!                                                                                                                           

It does my heart good to feel the warmer temperatures and see the spring flowers emerge and begin to bloom. Some of my favorites are daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. I have a wooded area behind my house it is filled with every shade of green. I love to garden and my yard has many different kinds of flowers.  I will share pictures throughout the year of my favorite ones. We’ve had lots of rain so I’m sure the weeds are threatening to take over.


I want to share a story with you just in time for Easter. It is a contemporary short story about a little boy, a bunny. and new beginnings.



  The Bunny Next Door

    “Mommy, I saw a real Easter bunny today.”

     “You did, how fun!”

     “He was brown with big ears and his nose wiggled.” She laughed as her son attempted to do the same.

     “I bet he was really cute,” Melissa said, as she drove to their townhouse.

     “Can I get a real bunny this year, Mom? I’d take good care of him.” Ryan pleaded.

     “I know you really want a pet, but with my job and you at school all day, he’d be alone.”

     Her son’s face fall in disappointment. They arrived home and Melissa prepared dinner.

    “Guess what? “After dinner, we’re going to color Easter eggs to take to Grandma and Grandpa’s house this weekend.”

    “I want to make some blue ones, it’s my favorite color.” Ryan cheered.

     “We’ll make all different colors!”

    Later that evening, she sat on her deck and thought about her inability to provide Ryan with a pet. She heard movement next door behind the 6 foot privacy fence. It was probably her   handsome neighbor, Chris. He moved in six months ago when he took a job at the local veterinary clinic. He had a great sense of humor and the most incredible blue eyes. Several times, she thought he was on the verge of asking her out, but he held back.

   “Chris is that you?” Melissa asked.

   “Well, it sure isn’t the Easter bunny,” a distinct male voice answered.

   Melissa laughed at her neighbor’s response. “I just wanted you to know that Ryan and I will be out of town for the weekend at my parents. We’ll be back late Sunday.

   “I’ll try not to miss you too much!

   She laughed at his comment. “Good night, Chris.”



   “Ummm. . . Nothing, good night.”


   The next morning, during breakfast Ryan squealed. “Mommy, a Bunny!”

   “What?” Melissa asked as she looked outside at her deck. Sure enough, a little brown rabbit complete with a pink bow was sitting there.

   “Mommy, you bought me a real bunny!” Ryan could hardly contain his excitement.

   “No, honey, this isn’t our bunny.” She followed her son outside confused.

   “But Mommy, I want him.” Ryan cried.

   “Fluffy! Fluffy! Where are you?” a male voice questioned.

   “Chris, you by chance, wouldn’t be looking for a brown fur ball?” She heard the movement of a chair and looked up to see her good-looking neighbor. He smiled sheepishly, and spotted the wayward bunny. “Be there in a sec.”  She stood back as size 13 shoes and legs encased in denim eased over the fence.

   “Sorry, I let Fluffy out for some air this morning, and the next thing I know she’s disappeared.” He picked up the rabbit and sensed trouble brewing when he saw Ryan’s tear stained face.

   “Mommy,” Ryan said anxiously.

   “I know honey, but Fluffy belongs to Mr. Jackson.”

   “Actually, Fluffy belongs to my niece. I’m just keeping it for my sister until Easter.”

   Her heart broke as Ryan’s tears fell in earnest.

   “Chris, I think it would be much easier if you went through our house rather than climb over the fence again.

   “Yes, I suppose it would. Thank you, Melissa.”

   “I’m sorry little guy, for getting your hopes up,” he said as he touched Ryan’s shoulder and left the condo.


   Melissa and Ryan returned late Sunday night from her parents. She was getting Ryan ready for bed when the doorbell rang. Melissa carried a pajama clad Ryan to the front door and checked the peephole. A huge Easter Bunny stood there.

   She opened the door. “Mommy, it’s the Easter Bunny!”

   “I heard a little boy lives here that wants a real bunny.”

   “Mommy says we can’t have one.” Ryan said shyly.

   “Well, maybe your Mom will let you have this one.”

    Ryan’s eyes got big as the Easter Bunny handed him a huge stuffed rabbit.

   “His name is Jelly Bean and he needs someone to take care of him.”

   Melissa put her son down and he cuddled the stuffed toy. It was almost as tall as him. “Mommy can I keep him?”

  “Well, I don’t know.”

   “Jelly Bean really needs a family,” the Easter Bunny said.

   “Well, in that case, we’d love to have him. Please thank the Easter Bunny.”

   “Thank you, Mr. Bunny.”

   “You’re welcome Ryan.”

   Melissa looked into the blue eyes of her neighbor with gratitude.

   “Thank you again. You’ve made Ryan very happy.”

   “I have one more request,” he looked to make sure Ryan was out of earshot. “I’d like to take you to dinner.”

   Melissa smiled. “I’d like that.” Then she laughed.

   “What’s so funny?”

   “It’s not every day that the Easter Bunny asks you for a date.”

   His whiskers twitched. “Forget the bunny suit. It’s the man inside who’s asking.”

   Melissa blushed, The Easter Bunny indeed.